Knit & Natter Group

Leader:  Angela Town



Meeting Dates: 


If you would like to be an active participant in the Knit & Natter group, please contact the leader via the button above.

The Knit and Natter group is held in an informal setting within Fratelli Restaurant along the new end of the paseo, with plenty of parking.

Don’t think you need to be an accomplished knitter or have a knitting project on the go, because there will be some patterns available for simple toys, or even squares, where the group can make and create items that can be given or sold for charity. As well as patterns we also have been given some wool, pins and hooks, so all you need is a smile and a few euro’s for drink in thanks for Fratelli’s in Oliva for allowing us to use their wonderful premises.

We welcome any U3A member into the group and look forward to meeting you on a Tuesday afternoon at 3pm.

Please do let the leader know if you are coming along. You are welcome to come for a week or two, just to see if you enjoy it.


The Lockdown Challenge

Learn to knit and/or knit something to either sell on a bring and buy stall or to go in the Children’s Christmas Boxes. 

This will definitely be a challenge if you don’t have any needles or wool, but I am sure you could find a way to either borrow some (make sure you do it at a distance and clean well before use) or maybe use something around the house. I have recently unpicked a jumper to reuse the wool although I do have plenty (wool and pins) spare if it was possible to arrange a 2 metre distance drop/exchange at Consum carpark. But i don’t want to get anyone arrested or fined.

Anyway here are a few links. learning the basics from casting on, knitting plain stitch, casting off and the challenge is to knit a child’s scarf 1.2m long with 30 stitches for Christmas or a beanie hat of you are already a knitter.  any colour please.

Casting on:

Basic Plain stitch:

Casting Off:

Pearl Stitch:

Beanie Hat pattern: For those who can knit and purl:

Scarf Pattern:

Basic Crochet:

Don’t worry if your wool is not as thick as you want, but a chunky or double knit wool will knit up quicker than a think 4 or 2 ply.