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How to find out more and join!

If you have suddenly discovered this organisation called the U3A (University of the Third Age) and have no idea what it is all about … then read on.

The Association is for people no longer in full time employment, but who wish to carry on learning through various physical, academic and fun activities. In other words  you may no longer be working, but you want to keep the body and mind active.

There are various ways you can find out more about the Oliva U3A:

Email Barry Purvis, President, on president@u3aoliva.org

Find out more: On the first Friday of the month, (on a Thursday if the market is closed due to Fiestas etc.), you will find us in the café on the rear terrace of the Municipal Market from 10.30am-noon. Look out for the U3A poster on the table. Prospective, new and existing members are welcome to come along and find out about the latest groups and activities. A friendly informal gathering for all.

Monthly General Meeting: Held on the fourth Thursday morning of each month from 10.30am in the Polivalent or in the Library opposite. We have a Meet and Greet team who will answer any questions and introduce you to other members.

We generally have a speaker on a wide variety of subjects that starts at 11am, and although you are welcome to stay, please do not feel obliged.

To find out where the meeting is or who the speaker is, please email the Vice President,  on vice-president@u3aoliva.org

Subs are only 10€/year!

If you would like to join us, please click the button.