Travel, Events and Quiz

Welcome to the U3A Travel, Events and Quiz Information page!

The Travel & Events team, Julie and Gail, are continuously looking for new and exciting travel opportunities for you.  If you have heard of or been to, any places or events that you think will be of interest to the wider group please email us here

Your Quiz Master Terry will continue to challenge many of you at the UK Pub Style quiz held at Bar Pelut, Oliva, which normally takes place on the second Monday of the month.

To view upcoming Trips, Events or Quizzes along with the associated Booking Forms click on the link (s) below.

Please Note: – To book for any Travel or Event  you must be a Registered Member of Oliva U3A. Quiz teams must have at least 1 registered member on each team.  Non-Members are always welcome on any Trip or to any Event, but must be accompanied by at least one U3A Oliva Member.

If you are not a member you can join here – If you are a Member but have not yet registered, you can register here.


A Booking form will be available for each Trip or event, completion of this form and full payment for Day Trips, or a deposit for Overnight Trips, will secure your place.

The preferred method of payment is on-line via your Paypal Account or by your Debit/Credit Card if you don’t have a Paypal Account – links will be on the booking form.   Alternatively, you can pay by Bank Transfer (using your invoice number) or in person at the Sabadell Bank in Oliva (Bank details for payment will be on your confirmation email).  Please be aware that places are booked on a first paid for basis so online payments will take priority on any given day.

Unfortunately refunds cannot be given unless we are able to sell on your place - if you have to cancel please contact the Travel Co-Ordinator in the first instance to the Oliva Travel Team - if we have a waiting list we will make contact with the person at the top of the list - once they have booked and paid a refund will be made to you.

Alternatively - If you find a suitable replacement contact the Oliva Travel Team  who will send a Booking form, once this has been received and monies paid a refund will be made to you.

Only in exceptional medical circumstances will a refund be given.  As under "what happens if I cancel (above)" if we have a waiting list and can fill the place or you can find a replacment, we will make your refund once payment is received.

If a trip is fully booked and you would like to go on a waiting list please contact the Oliva Travel Team

Yes - Members are reminded that they are responsible for their own insurance. U3A is not liable in any respect for any loss or injury that may be suffered by Members whilst participating in the Association’s activities.

Please note that, at times, it is necessary for the U3A to make deposits with travel agents for future trips, and whilst we do not anticipate any such problems, in the event of a travel agent or hotelier stops trading, Oliva U3A would not be in a position to refund any losses that might occur. We strongly recommend that you ensure that your own personal travel insurance provides cover for any such losses.

It is important that all members read and understand these Terms and Conditions before
booking a Trip or Event

- Travellers must indicate on the booking form they have read and agree to them.

  •  Trips and Events where no Deposit is required
    For Trips and Events not requiring a deposit, travellers will be required to pay the full cost
    of the trip/event following booking, by Paypal, Credit/Debit card, Bank Tranfer or at the Sabadell Bank in Oliva. Details of final payment date for Bank payments will be given on
    the booking form.
    Under no circumstances will refunds be allowed once registration has been completed,
    unless it falls into either (a) or (b) clauses below.
    (a) Should a traveller wish to cancel their booking, this will only be accepted if the Registrant/s find suitable replacement/s and the replacement pays for the trip in full
    following consultation with the Travel Co-ordinator. The booking in the original registrants name will then be cancelled and a refund given. If there are members on the waiting list for
    the same Trip the Travel co-ordinator can contact these on behalf of the member who is wishing to cancel.
    (b) Refunds may be possible where there are serious medical reasons, following consultation and agreement with the Travel Co-ordinator, In any other circumstances
    cancellations will not be accepted following booking.
  • Trips and Events Requiring a Deposit
    Trips of more than one day duration, where a deposit is required in order to reserve hotel rooms etc. the deposit amount will be indicated on the booking form for the Trip. This
    deposit must be paid immediately following registration, by PayPal, Credit/Debit card or Bank Transfer, plus it can be paid at the Sabadell Bank within working 3 days following
    Should the number of people registered be insufficient to make the trip viable the deposit will be returned in full by the U3A Oliva Treasurer through the U3A Travel Bank Account
    Coaches and Hotel rooms are reserved, based on the number of people who register and pay their deposit Therefore: cancellations can not be accepted from members or guests following
    registration as deposits are used for Hotel reservations etc. should a registrant insist on a cancellation their deposit will be forfeited.
    However if a replacement/s is found (either by the original registrant or from the reserve list held by the Travel Co-ordinator) and pays their deposit following consultation with the
    Travel Co-ordinator, the original registrant/s deposit will be returned by the U3A Treasurer through the Bank.
    Only in exceptional medical circumstances will a cancellation be accepted without a replacement being found and only after consultation with the Travel Co-ordinator for
    his/her agreement. In these circumstances a Refund will be given less any expenses.
    If the U3A cancels a Trip or Event due to insufficient interest a refund will be made.
    If a Trip or Event is abandoned due to unforeseen circumstances e.g. fire etc. U3A will refund only monies remaining after unavoidable costs (e.g. hotel cancellation fees if
    applicable and/or coach cancellation fees) have been met.
  • Non-Payment - If your payment is not received by the payment deadline, Oliva U3A reserve the right to cancel your registration.
  • Hotel Accommodation
    Every effort possible is made to ensure that the Hotel location, accommodation and catering (if provided) is of a standard that can be reasonably expected for the price paid.
    On the rare occasion that the Hotel does not meet this standard, the traveller must inform the Trip Leader who will assist in assessing the problem along with the Hotel Management.
  • Identification Requirements
    Any trips which include an overnight stay in a hotel, all travellers must carry personal identification with them. e.g. Passport, Identity Card etc. This is a Legal requirement.
    Please note that a Residencia Certificate is not an acceptable form of identification.
  • Medical Emergencies
    On every Trip or Event away from Oliva all travellers should carry their SIP Card and European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Travellers who are not normally resident in Spain
    should carry their medical insurance documentation from their home countries.
    Please note :
    All travellers should ensure that they have appropriate personal insurance cover for all Trips and Events. U3A Oliva cannot accept responsibility for any loss or injury however
    It is therefore essential that all travellers ensure that their Travel Insurance includes the ability to action such a claim.
  • Guests
    Guests are welcome on our U3A Oliva Travel and Events but only following the initial two week members booking period and providing spaces are available following this period.
    However should any guest wish to attend more than two Trips or Events then he/she will be required to become a fully paid up member of U3A Oliva.
    It is the responsibility of the member who invites a guests to ensure that any guest is in compliance with this requirement.
  • Important
    No member of the U3A Oliva Committee or the Travel Team, will accept any responsibility for or make Payments in pursuant of a claim for compensation.
    Plus they will not accept responsibility for any Errors and Omissions of a traveller/member.
    All Members and Guests taking part do so at their own risk, and are responsible for their own insurances. Those organising Trips and Events are not travel professionals but unpaid
    volunteers. Our Trips and Events are generally very successful, however no claims for compensation of any kind will be entertained if things go wrong.