Spanish Beginners

Leader: Anne Milner

Telephone: 658542540 / 962839330

Meeting Dates: Wednesday

There are two groups

a) 16:00 to 17:00 hours

b) 18:00 to 19:00 hours

Venue: CPC Oliva

If you would like to be an active participant in the Beginners’ Spanish group, please contact the leader via the button above.


This group is designed for new arrivals to Spain or for those of you who have been here a while and just not got round to learning Spanish! Not sure what level you are? This group has the advantage of being followed at 5pm with the intermediate group – you are warmly invited to stay along!

Cost: First session is €5 (for all future photocopying), all further sessions are €3


Our teacher, James, has been living in Spanish speaking countries for over twenty years and has developed a deep love and enthusiasm for the language. Being an expat himself, he is all too familiar with the frustrations that Spanish bureaucracy can bring us – these items are frequently covered in the lessons. He has made all the mistakes already (asking the waiter for a beso instead of a vaso!!) and can help you to avoid them!