Spanish Intermediate 1

Spanish Intermediate

Leader: Mike Keen


Meeting Dates: Monday 10:15 to 11:45

Venue: El Bastidor

If you would like to be an active participant in the Spanish Intermediate group, please contact the leader via the button above.


We have an excellent, native Spanish teacher. There is one lesson of 1.5 hours on Mondays starting at 10.15. Class is limited to 10 members. The approach is structured. We do  grammar, reading, comprehension, conversation and homework!

Cost: The teacher’s fee is divided equally between students and paid monthly in advance and varies accordingly – approx 20-22 Euros per month. Initial trial lesson for free.

Not recommended for beginners or the fully fluent but ideal for everybody in-between.

Please contact Mike Keen if interested – but hurry! When they’re gone they’re gone!

We are an intermediate to advanced intermediate level group, formed just over five years ago.
The aim is to increase our knowledge and use of Spanish through reading, context, vocabulary, grammatical usage and conversation.


We aim to keep numbers at no more than 10 so that we all have a chance to speak! Classes cost €4 – €5 pw pp depending on the number of members.

Marta, our fully qualified teacher, is Spanish, and most of the class is conducted in Spanish.  Carla is very simpatica, has a great sense of humour and is very supportive.  Along with our learning we have a great deal of fun!