Spanish Intermediate 2

Spanish Intermediate

Leader: Anne Milner

Telephone: 658542540

Deputy Leader: Dorothy Stansfield

Meeting Dates: Wednesday from 17:00 to 18:00 hours

Venue: CPC Oliva 

If you would like to be an active participant in the Spanish Intermediate group, please contact the leader via the button above.


This group was formed as a beginners group some years ago. Happily the students have progressed very well and the need was seen to turn it into ‘intermediate’.  Please note: the title ‘intermediate 2’ does not indicate a higher level of Spanish, simply that there are two intermediate groups to choose from – lucky you! Not sure if the level is right for you? You are welcome to sit in on the beginners group which precedes this group from 4pm – 5pm.  Cost €3 student per session.


Our teacher, James,  has been living in  Spanish speaking  countries for over  twenty years and has  developed a deep love  and enthusiasm for the  language.  Being an  expat himself, he is all  too familiar with the frustrations that Spanish bureaucracy can bring us – these items are frequently covered in the lessons. He has made all the mistakes already (asking the waiter for a beso instead of a vaso!!) and can help you to avoid them.